We are promoting education through this Department. Obviously because of instability in some Governments in wars, it  is not an easy task for these Governments to really carry out a formal educational plan, meanwhile the innocents children should benefit from their right to learn, to be educated.

Our responsability therefore is to build up programs and plans that will enable such children to receive courses which shall make them to be at the equal level of education with the other children in the world.

We care also about poor children and orphans, that poverty might not be a hindrance to their right to literacy.

  Be a partner with us to help these innocent children to receive  proper education



Our advocacy Department is promoting and defending the human and equal rights of  women, children, refugees, orphans, victims of gender base violence, child trafficking, discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, religion or political affiliations. Millions of above mentioned victims are under oppressions round the world, they are vulnerable people and need our corporated intervention to smile again in life.

Your donations shall enable our Advocates, Psycho Social workers and Activist to give hope to these people.




Be a poor orphan is a significant handicap, talkless of being in this situation in a war area. Orphans need a hand of help to be able to go to school, to smile and to stand in life.

You can decide to sponsor a child in his education now, or sponsor him for life.



In charge of all Crisis Situations, Researches, feasibility studies, Evaluation, Deployments, Emergency Rescue Missions, Aid Reliefs and Disaster Managements, this department  broke the humanitarian grounds in Central Africa Republic. In our beginning in 2009,  we  deployed  fifty seven humanitarian volunteers who spend about two years in responding to humanitarian activities in  five deferent communities.

Today we have gone far, and are present in more regions, having established many bases in the country, to make our humanitarian operations more effective.

We need your support to deploy more experts to Nord Africa, Middle East and Asia to set the grounds for the deployment of our humanitarian teams.


1. Health 2. Education 3. Community Development 4. Nutrition 5. Water Hygiene and Sanitation 6. Advocacy 7. Agriculture 8. Orphanage 9. Crisis Commission 10. Chaplaincy
Multidimensional strategies in carrying hope for a more united world where the Love of God is shared through actions amongst affected individuals and communities all over the world.
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