1.The Government of Central Africa Republic.(CAR)

  Since July 2010 COHEB is in partnership Convention with the  Central African Government to assist and to work in collaboration in responding to natural and man made disasters; working in the domains of Vocational Trainings and Capacity Buildings , Orphanages and to generally fight against Poverty Nation wide. For many years now, COHEB has been partnering with the  CAR Ministry of Health in responding to health related crisis, Sensitization campaigns against  HIV AIDes and Cholera  in Bangui. Had been partnering with the (CAR) Ministry of Agriculture  in researches , evaluations and in Building of Food Security and Nutrition Projects to respond to the food and Nutrition crisis in Mbomou and Huat Mbomou prefectures. With the Ministry of Social Affairs, in responding to Social crisis in the capital (Bangui).  

 2. The Government of Cameroon :

  COHEB started her partnership process in building Health and Mobile clinical projects  with the Ministry of Health to assist and respond to the Health crisis amongst the (65.000)  Central African and Chadian Refugees in the Grand Nord, East and South Regions in the Republic of Cameroon.  In partnership process with the Ministries of Social Affairs and Women Empowerment and the Family to assist and respond in the Social crisis, Gender crisis and to empower Women, Prostitutes, Destitute , Orphans and Teen mothers in Capacity buildings and poverty alleviation projects.

 3. Humanitarian Development and Partnership Team (HDPT) Central Africa  Republic (CAR) : COHEB is working in partnership with HDPT since 2009 in responding  to humanitarian crisis in the domains of Health, Food Security, Nutrition, Water, Hygiene and Sanitation. Detail can be seen in the (HDPT) website.


COHEB is partnering  with CROSSROODS in the areas of humanitarian supports of non food items,materials and equipments to provide assistance and to respond to humanitarian crisis in Cameroon and Cantral Africa Republic.

 5. Global Alliance for Nursery and Midwifery (GANM):

In partnering with GANM in the area of shearing modern nursery and midwifery technologies in responding to maternal and neonatal emergencies and disasters more especially in crisis settings world wide. 

 6. United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)

OHCA in CAR has been working with COHEB since six years as the main link in negotiating funding   , advises and technical supervision in all COHEB’S humanitarian projects in (CAR)

 7.United Nations Agencies:  WHO, UNICEF, UNHCR, UNDP, UNAPF, WFP.


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