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1.  YOU can join our team of SUPPORTERS by contributing from CFA 25 000, CFA 50 000, CFA 100 000, CFA 250 000, or CFA 250 000+


2. Subscribe an annual donation of CFA 300,000 once and become a permanent ordinary MEMBER of COHEB  Cameroon General Assembly.


3.  Register as a STAND-BY  VOLUNTEER with CFA 125 000. COHEB will train you freely or send  you 4 training kits for International humanitarian Volunteers  Certifications, that shall qualify you to work as an international  humanitarian volunteer worldwide


4. As an organization you can give a donation of any amount.  Subscription of CFA 5000 000 ( cash or Kind) per annum qualifies the institutional donor as our CORPORATE PARTNER.


For Cameroon please call
+237-243 572 456




For Central Africa Republic please call



Or complete  our Registration Form online and DONATE NOW!!!



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