Community Development


We have inside the Community Development Domains, mains Departments as Food Security And Agriculture, Water-Hygiene and Sanitation, Community empowerment,...



This  department trains Agric experts and implement Agricultural activities; carry out Agricultural projects for Food Security, fight Malnutrition in collaboration with Governments, United Nations Agencies, National and International Agricultural Organizations working in Humanitarian domain  in Food crisis affected Nations around the world.

 We have been collaborating with Central African Government and FAO in building food security projects to respond to the high rate of food crisis in Central Africa Republic. We  have assisted about 30 CIG’s in Mbomou Prefecture in improving Agricultural activites and support of seedlings and farms tools.

COHEB is seeking your partnership or donations to lunch Agricultural plantations that shall alleviate the severe food crisis  in Central African Republic and is equally looking for partners and support to do same in order to fight food insecurity and to improve the living standard of Close to seventy thousand Central African and Chadian Refugees floating  in the  North, East and South Regions of the Republic of Cameroon.


         FOOD DISTRIBUTION IN FOOD SECURITY                            




Our  Water Hygiene and Sanitation Department has been working in collaboration with the Central African  Ministry of Health. WHO and UNICEF in responding to the Water crisis in  Haut Mbomou precture and the Hygiene and Sanitation crisis  in Ombella Mpoko Prefecture in Central Africa Republic.  Only 23% of Central Africa have access to pipe born water, 77% is suffering from serious water pollution crisis that has lead to many water born diseases which are destroying thousands of Central African. These statistics are have gone worser today due to the recent troubles in the country. That means unfortunately also that the population is in high need of humanitarian intervention today more than ever before. 

Donate  today will enable us to solve the Water crisis of  more than twenty thousand people living around one unclean  well water in Zemio Haut Mbomou and to fight against the Cholera outbreak that is destroying lives in Bangui Central Africa capital and her environs.


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