COHEB's Health Domain covers three main Departments: NUTRITION and HEALTH CARE SERVICES  and CHAPLAINCY.



Our Nutrition Department is presently in partnership with the  Government of  the Central African Republic, UNICEF and World Food Program  (WFP)  for more than 3 years, in responding to the severe  malnutrition crisis amongst the  Internally Displace Persons in Mbomou Prefecture and affected communities in Basse Kotto and Ouham prefectures in Central Africa Republic.

1/5 children under five years is dying of severe malnutrition in this prefectures per day. Your donation today shall help our nutrition team in the field to alleviate this excessive Maternal and Neonatal Mortality.



   This Department  includes  Maternal and Infant Health Cares, HIV/AID and Sexual Health, Reproductive Health, Psycho-social Health Cares, Rape and Violence victims cares.

  Our operations are also organised through Medical Unites, Medical Missions, Mobile Clinics , First Aid Posts and  Health  actors to meet the world devasted Health crisis. We work with Ministries of Health and the  World Health Organization (WHO) in responding to Health Humanitarian  crisis in affected Nations around the world.



  A complete human being is soul, body and spirit. while the other Health Departments are most involved in applying physical/body cares (fighting  against malnutrition, providing cares to pregnant women, fighting epidemics, Aid and sexual deaseases...)  , and soul cares through psycho social assistance; the Chaplaincy Department is goes further by taking care of the complete human being in his three dimensions. We provide here, added to the physical and psychological cares, moral and spiritual cares. These cares are profitable not  only to the needy, but also to our staff,  making them to be more effective in responding to the various humanitarian tasksand challenges.


    Donate  now will  enable us  to provide Health equipments and to deploy more  Medical Practitioners, Midwifes, Nurses, and Laboratory Technicians to the crisis fields.



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