Our statement:

All over the world and whatever the context, education is a fundamental human right for all children and youth. A quality education provides to children and young people the skills, capacities and confidence they need to grow up in live. Education creates the voice through which other rights can be claimed.

Displacement has a devastating impact and contribute to an education being denied or interrupted. Children and youth may suffer from traumatic experiences and a lost of social networks that provide protection and wellbeing. We work to ensure that all displaced children and youth enjoy quality education that is relevant to their psychosocial, emotional and cognitive development. Displaced children and youth are highly marginalised in accessing quality education. Recognising that governments are the primary duty bearer, we  then support their efforts to uphold their duties, including through teacher professional development and the construction or rehabilitation of schools. Young women and men are provided with opportunities for post-primary education, including technical, agricultural and vocational training.