Our main challenge

Once the emergency needs are met and the initial crisis after a disaster or conflict, the affected populations remain in a situation of increased vulnerability. Rehabilitation and early recovery activities are important for the restoration of basic services to enable people to return to normal life. The idea is to "rebuild better, safer and more just" (Build Back Better, Safer and Fairer) - considering rehabilitation and recovery as opportunities to tackle the underlying causes of vulnerability as well as future risks, and set the stage for sustainable development and resilience to future crises.

Our main statement

COHEB builds the capacity of people to better rebuild their lives after a disaster or conflict, and ensures that the underlying causes of vulnerability and future risks are taken into account while encouraging sustainable development for the future.

Our action

° Meet basic needs/livelihoods provisioning;
° Support to public institutions that provide basic services;
° Dissemination of household food and nutrition security knowledge to promote a balanced and nutritious diet;
° Construction and rehabilitation of emergency housing;
° Improvement of access to drinking water, installation of sanitary facilities and promotion of good hygiene practices;
° Restoring livelihoods and promoting self-reliance with an economic approach to households.