The crises in the Far North region, North West, and South West Regions are leaving more and more children vulnerable. Worst still, as IDPs going to school in a new land, has become difficult. The presence of crises also puts pressure on schools in host communities worsening their ever-rising needs.

As part of activities of the Educational Cash Assistance and Social Protection Mechanisms for Vulnerable Households in 6 Municipalities in the Far North, Littoral & West Regions (The Edu-CASH-6-Initiative), the school-based management program was introduced to access and determine the needs of some schools and assist with the necessary finance to meet pressing and basic needs of the said schools for the quality education of children.

The process has been carried out through interviews and Focus group discussions where they interview stakeholders like headteachers, pupils, teachers, and Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) members.

The 12 schools to benefit from the project include;

A. Schools in the Far North Region

1. Government Primary School Mozogo 1

2. Government Primary School Talla-Katchi

3. Government Primary School Mémé 1

4. Ecole Primaire Inclusive d\\\\\'Application Amtchichali

5. Government Primary School Tolkomari

6. Government Primary School Kerawa

7. Government Primary School (GPS) Biamo

8. Government Primary School Mada

B. Schools in the West Region

Babadjou (Bamboutos Division)

9. Government Bilingual Primary School (GBPS) Batchoua

10. Government Bilingual Primary School (GBPS) Toumaka

C. Schools in the Littoral Region

11. Government Bilingual Primary School (GBPS) Group 2 Melong

12. Government Bilingual Primary School (GBPS) Njinjou 1

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