Multidimensional strategies in carrying hope for a more united world where the Love of God is shared through actions amongst affected individuals and communities all over the world.  

Our Mission for Humanity

There are People to Deliver, Communities to Develop, Nations to rebuild and Nature to Restore. I am Inspired and Pregnant with Solutions. I assure you, we are up to the task. Join me now let’s provide the everlasting Solutions. Our duty is to share with the less privileged what we can have at hand. Our mission is to serve those suffering because of all kinds of disasters, o alleviate their suffering. Our dream is to see a better world where human beings will no more suffer of the deprivation of their fundamental needs.

Gradually by the special grace of God, we are fighting against humanitarian crisis, promoting community development and bringing back hope to the hopeless.

We give what we have and what we are to rescue other in more deployable condition to give a balance to the value of human beings as it is in the eyes of the Creator.

Water Hygiene and Sanitation

Solving the problem of water hygiene and sanitation in Africa suffering from water pollution crisis that has lead to many water born diseases which are destroying thousands of African today.  The nutritional well-being of a population with clean water hygiene and adequate knowledge of water management are our objective. So in emergency situation we work in two fronts:

    1. Contribution to the response in case of epidemics, on the ground
    2.  Water supply, distribution of hygiene kits, provision of emergency sanitation, and implementation of risk prevention projects in line with the national humanitarian response plan.