Raise a people with the fear of God prepared to serve humanity worldwide.

Bring healings, mental, physical and spiritual to the people of Africa and the world in crisis situations.

Provide health care activities to the underprivileged.

Give quality Education to the people of Africa especially on the spread of major killer diseases such as HIV, Malaria and other dangerous diseases of epidemic proportion associated with poverty and under-development.

Train and build humanitarian capacities to volunteer workers that can be useful to our objectives or those of our Partners and collaborators around the world.

Carry out rescue missions in disaster setting around the world

8-Advocate, sensitize, respond and promote the rights of the underprivileged; these include: HIV/AIDS patients, victims of war crimes, refugees, teen mothers, gender cases, rape victims etc.

We work in collaboration with Individuals, NGOs, U N Agencies Companies, and Governments to respond to Crisis, Disasters and to fight against poverty through Capacity buildings, Community Development, Agriculture, Health, Water ,Hygiene and Sanitation projects anywhere in the world.

We do anything within our resources that seems right to us, and in accordance with the law of association, and international laws, to achieve